Saturday, June 25, 2011

School's Over! *applause*

Being a homeschooler, if the bookkeeper does anything remotely educational during the summer, it counts as school.

If the bookkeeper stays up all night reading, it's literature.

Is the bookkeeper making a nuisance of herself at theatre?

Call it community service or exposure to the performing arts. Did Bookkeeper spend a day doodling pictures of a bison wearing an overcoat?

Yep, she sure did. That's fine art right there.

Well, I'm sure you're all wondering how the bookkeeper spent this last week. Or rather, you'd all be wondering if you all read this blog. Which you don't.


This weekend the bookkeeper went to an awesome place called the Creation Museum. She got hardly any sleep the night before she got to wander around the museum, partly because of excitement, and partly because she shared a room with two of her nocturnal friends (a.k.a. friends with laptops who stay up late looking at webcomics and other random stuff).

The actual museum was awesome. Really awesome. It was so awesome that Bookkeeper didn't have the time to sit down and draw until the very end while waiting to watch a movie-thingy, and then the only thing she had to draw were the other people sitting and waiting.

But we're not done yet! *waves photograph* Check out the cool stuff Bookkeeper bought before leaving the museum!

A pencil, a gyroscope, aaaaaand... a bookmark! (Bet you didn't see that one coming)

Bookkeeper had to dig through the pencils to get the one she did. HISTORY TIME! In the bookkeeper's younger days she was obsessesd with dinosaurs and her favorite one of all was the parasaurolophus. Guess what sort of dinosaur is on the bookkeeper's new pencil?

IT"S A T-REX!!!1!

Well, that's all the bookkeeper can think of to write for now. 'Bye!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Anthropomorphic Animals

What with her art computer having problems again and church activities, Bookkeeper hasn't been able to update her blog for the last couple of weeks. Please don't come after her with pitchforks! *flinch*

The dinosaur picture above is a little something Bookkeeper drew on the back of a card she's sending to a friend.

If you haven't noticed, the bookkeeper likes drawing anthropomorphic animals.