Friday, December 17, 2010

Changes to the blog? Already?

These posts are too few and far between to be very interesting to anyone... at all. A friend of the bookkeeper's suggested making it an art blog and you know what? That sounds like a good idea. So then, expect to see more art in the future.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Manga Break!

My, my.
Writing about nothing but bookmarks sure can tire one out!

The Bookkeeper has decided that she'll try a little variation in her posts so as not to leave such a long break between posts again (four whole months?!?).

Since Bookkeeper likes manga and has been working on improving her style, she's decided to try going from drawing scattered characters on separate pieces of paper to drawing some real comic pages. That's quite a mental wall she'll have to climb over, but the sooner she starts, the better.

She can only improve, right?

And so:

Well now, that looks a whole lot different from the art style Bookkeeper's been using for her blog, ain't it? You did know Bookkeeper could draw better than that, right?

From now on Bookkeeper will add a "Manga Break" section to the end of her blog posts, it'll include any manga pages or whatever she's done. The fox girl above will be the test character she uses as she tries to learn how to draw manga pages.

Yes, the Bookkeeper is well aware that "manga" sometimes specifically refers to the comics drawn by a Japanese person (which Bookkeeper is not), but it's a good term and it seems such a waste to not use it.

Your irregularly scheduled blog will return shortly.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

Well, well, well. And you thought Bookkeeper was never going to post another entry ever again. April fool!

Hmm. Well, maybe that wasn't so funny and the Bookkeeper first thought.

Anyways, Bookkeeper is no longer on vacation. And now she'd like to warn you not to play any practical jokes that might somehow hurt a book in any way. That means no scaring anyone who is reading a book, 'cause they might tear the book in surprise. Also, don't put a bucket of water over a doorway where someone reading a book might just walk under.

Water + books = funeral for a former prankster

If you're the type who likes to play cruel jokes, stealing someone's bookmark from the book said person is reading is harmless, yet endlessly annoying. Plus, if the "bookmark" you take happens to be another book, a blanket, or anything else that isn't a real bookmark, you can justify your joke by saying you're just protecting the book.

By the way, disregard that thing about "harmless" if you happen to take one of the Bookkeeper's bookmarks.

Bookkeeper doesn't have much advice on what sort of practical jokes to play, as she isn't much of a prankster.

Oh, wait! It isn't April first! It's March 32! So sorry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reading on Vacation

Since the bookkeeper is on vacation currently, she thought she'd write down some advice for reading when travelling or on vacation.
  • Bookkeeper knows this is a no-brainer, but... if you're the driver/pilot/etc., please don't read books while travelling. The screams of terror tend to be distracting.
  • Bring easy-to-read books. This doesn't mean to bring kiddie books (though you can), the bookkeeper is just saying that vacations have a lot of stuff going on - you'll have to pause in your reading a lot so don't bring books that need all your attention. Aaaaaand reading engrossing books can make you queasy if you read them whilst in a moving vehicle. Catalogs, comic books, graphic novels, humor books, books less than half-an-inch thick, whatever floats your boat. You don't want to bring incredibly long books as bookmarks tend to get lost and you don't want to spend your vacation looking for page numbers.
  • Bring lots of bookmarks. Like the bookkeeper just said, bookmarks tend to get lost a lot, so bring plenty.
  • Don't bring your favorite books if they're not easily replaceable. Books can get lost when travelling, or they can get wet, torn, scratched, etc.
  • Keep your current reading book with you at all times (if possible) so no passer-by hurt it or (the horror!) pick it up and start reading.
  • Get a book-bag. It doesn't have to be huge, just big enough to put your book in it and possibly a few bookmarks. If you put too much stuff in with your book you may pull it out to find the pages curled or discolored.
As much as the bookkeeper encourages reading, she wants to remind you not miss out on the excitement of your vacation by never taking your nose out of a book the whole time.

Now, the bookkeeper might be wrong in assuming you're all aspiring authors like she is, but she thinks it's an important thing to do to take a notebook on your vacation so you can write down and sketch things whenever inspiration strikes.

The other important thing to remember is bring lots of bookmarks. It's already on the list, but it's important. You will lose bookmarks, and they're easy to forget. What bookworm forgets to bring books? None. But nobody remembers to bring bookmarks.

Here's a tip: buy a deck of cards and use them for bookmarks. They're a sturdy enough and a good size, and you get 52 of them in a handy little box.

Well, the bookkeeper is now going to bid you good-bye and turn to the five of spades in her current reading book. Have a good day!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The bookkeeper would like to welcome you to her blog.

She would also like to go find some candy, a good book and somewhere comfy to enjoy them, but instead she is going to sit at her computer writing for you, so you had better feel welcomed.

So, she supposes she'll say "Hallo everyone!" and get it over with.