Monday, April 18, 2011

Look at the Pretty Pictures!

So hi! Bookkeeper is finally back, after her beloved computer crashed. It's back and working again now, but while it was down she's been working on improving her art skills. She's also been reading (and rereading) Fable Weaver by Carlie Gernhart.

So! Today you'll get to see some sketches she did while she was waiting to use Photoshop again.

Ahaha. It's a literal bat-girl. She drew this to show a friend that a bat's wings are hands with long fingers and a membrane stretched between them. This actually turned out pretty well for a halfhearted sketch.

And these are... random fantasy creatures. The bookkeeper's brother says they look like anthropomorphic yorkies. Bookkeeper wasn't really pleased with how this picture was turning out which is why it's not finished.

This is probably only funny to people who aren't really into social networking sites. Like Bookkeeper. Sometimes she feels like she's the only one on the internet/planet.

Aaand... this is Bookkeeper. The girl who's infamous for wearing hats (almost) all the time. She also happens to be the author of this blog, so get used to it.

Tune in next time to see some pictures the bookkeeper's finished since she got the computer back and is able to use Photoshop to make them all pretty.

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