Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun with Chalk

Yes, yes, the bookkeeper knows it's a bit cold out to be drawing with chalk, but if she waits 'till summer she won't get the chance.

You see, Bookkeeper knows of this park with a nice BIG patch of sidewalk. Every summer, little kids come to the park with bucket-loads of chalk and draw smiley faces and whatnot all over it. Which is actually pretty fun.

But this time Bookkeeper wanted to have the sidewalk all to herself so she could draw a REALLY BIG dragon:

So big that she couldn't fit the whole thing in the camera's lens. 

As it turns out, drawing really big pictures with chalk didn't take any more talent than drawing little pictures with pencil. All she had to do was sketch everything out with brown, then go over the good lines with bright yellow:

Of course, her next step was to color in the dragon. She also sketched out a knight, but she never finished it because it was time to head home for supper.

Here's the knight from a different angle:

If you look closely at the top left, you can see the bookkeeper's bucket of chalk. And her brother's feet.

And that's all the drawings bookkeeper feels like uploading today.

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