Monday, August 2, 2010

Manga Break!

My, my.
Writing about nothing but bookmarks sure can tire one out!

The Bookkeeper has decided that she'll try a little variation in her posts so as not to leave such a long break between posts again (four whole months?!?).

Since Bookkeeper likes manga and has been working on improving her style, she's decided to try going from drawing scattered characters on separate pieces of paper to drawing some real comic pages. That's quite a mental wall she'll have to climb over, but the sooner she starts, the better.

She can only improve, right?

And so:

Well now, that looks a whole lot different from the art style Bookkeeper's been using for her blog, ain't it? You did know Bookkeeper could draw better than that, right?

From now on Bookkeeper will add a "Manga Break" section to the end of her blog posts, it'll include any manga pages or whatever she's done. The fox girl above will be the test character she uses as she tries to learn how to draw manga pages.

Yes, the Bookkeeper is well aware that "manga" sometimes specifically refers to the comics drawn by a Japanese person (which Bookkeeper is not), but it's a good term and it seems such a waste to not use it.

Your irregularly scheduled blog will return shortly.

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