Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool

Well, well, well. And you thought Bookkeeper was never going to post another entry ever again. April fool!

Hmm. Well, maybe that wasn't so funny and the Bookkeeper first thought.

Anyways, Bookkeeper is no longer on vacation. And now she'd like to warn you not to play any practical jokes that might somehow hurt a book in any way. That means no scaring anyone who is reading a book, 'cause they might tear the book in surprise. Also, don't put a bucket of water over a doorway where someone reading a book might just walk under.

Water + books = funeral for a former prankster

If you're the type who likes to play cruel jokes, stealing someone's bookmark from the book said person is reading is harmless, yet endlessly annoying. Plus, if the "bookmark" you take happens to be another book, a blanket, or anything else that isn't a real bookmark, you can justify your joke by saying you're just protecting the book.

By the way, disregard that thing about "harmless" if you happen to take one of the Bookkeeper's bookmarks.

Bookkeeper doesn't have much advice on what sort of practical jokes to play, as she isn't much of a prankster.

Oh, wait! It isn't April first! It's March 32! So sorry.

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