Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

What better way to celebrate is there to celebrate Mother's Day than to take five seconds to draw a goofy picture of your mother?

But still, the Bookkeeper would like to take a moment to thank her mom for being the best mom ever.


And... now that we've got that over with (it wasn't that bad, was it?), let's take a look at what Bookkeeper's done this week.

She's drawn anthropomorphic wolves!

You'll notice the little stamp in the corner looks like this:

Bookkeeper is actually more proud of this than of the wolf-boy picture she stamped it on.

VRL probably stands for "Vile Roguish Lady." Or maybe it's just the bookkeeper's real initials, but that's not as cool sounding.

The bookkeeper's little doodles and sketches probably aren't what you wanted to see, though.

You probably wanted to see how Bookkeeper making a fool of herself last Tuesday when she tried to play video games with her friends. BUT YOU DON'T GET TO SEE THAT (Unless you happen to be one of Bookkeeper's video game playing friends).

Instead you get to see this:

The girl in the corner is supposed to represent the bookkeeper. If you want to, you can envision her playing video games.

The picture above is the finished version of the picture Bookkeeper was working on last week.

It's actually a re-drawing of a picture she did a year ago, before she learned how to use a thing called "perspective."

Here's the original:

The colors look pretty, but honestly, how much do the light blue lines in the background look like waterfalls?

Not much.

In other news, Bookkeeper's next project is to write her own version of the fairy tale "Rumpelstiltskin" and draw it as a graphic novel (or novella, depending on how enterprising she feels). Considering she's never written a graphic novel before, you'll just have to sit and wait to see if she finishes.

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