Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's hard to think up titles for blog posts!

Hello everyone! It's getting closer and closer to summertime and Bookkeeper is (in theory) enjoying the weather.

Well, not really. She's enjoying sitting near a fan while reading Discworld novels more than the actual weather. She's not a big fan of sweltering heat.

Hey, look! The bookkeeper just drew a pretty princess wearing pink!

...which, admitedly, was not her original plan. She was going to give her a more sunny-colored dress, but this is how it ended up. It looks rather nice, don't you think?

The princess is one character from the graphic novel Bookkeeper is trying to write. Here's another character:

They're not the only characters in the story (duh) but Bookkeeper hasn't come up with designs for the others yet. She has, however, finished her story's first draft. Woo-hoo! *grabs candy and TV remote* Time to celebrate with some non-mentally stimulating mush!

*Turns off TV and grabs a pencil* That's enough, now it's time for more drawing fun!

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, FUN?! This is depressing!

Bookkeeper's decided to try her hand at the 100 Themes Challenge, where you draw 100 pictures, each one illustrating a different predetermined theme. This is theme 28: Sorrow (nobody says you have to do them in order).

Bookkeeper thought it would be fun to try it over the summer (and longer - there are 100 of them to do...).

That's all the bookkeeper can think of to write about right now, so 'bye y'all.

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  1. Love your work! I can't even draw a recognizable stick figure, so I really admire your talent! :)