Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bookkeeper (Booklight) on deviantART

"BOOKKEEPER! You say you're not into social networking, but here you are with a blog AND a deviantART account! "

Oh yes. Bookkeeper just got a dA account, you can find her at if you're bored. Bookkeeper still doesn't consider herself "into" social networking for some reason. She'll leave what counts as "into social networking" up for debate.

This week the bookkeeper has been off on vacation. She and some friends ended up with the amusing nicknames Loopy, Klutzy, Lumpy, Jumpy, and Jiggly-Squishy - something like the seven dwarfs, except that there weren't seven of them and they aren't dwarfs.

It's been a busy week and the bookkeeper has only drawn one picture. That's the pencil drawing you just looked at. That's one of Bookkeeper's roleplay characters, a girl named Jean. The wolf is NOT her pet, it's her mount. It has no name and (as yet) no gender because Bookkeeper doesn't really care.

Jean does have a pet, though. He's a healthy little toad named Hoes Weeds who lives in her backpack and doesn't do much.

Here's a picture Bookkeeper drew of Jean last year:

Oh, goody. If you look closely, you can see Hoes Weeds. This is from before Bookkeeper understood the concept of perspective (though she's still learning). She had to blur out the wolf's hind legs to keep Jean from stepping on them. Bookkeeper thinks this old picture is okay, but it lacks the energy and movement of the newer one.

If you're wondering why Bookkeeper didn't post last week, it's because she was sick. A misspelled and hastily typed rant about medicine that "works within 15 minutes" (yeah, right) might amuse some people to the point that they never let her forget it.

That's all the bookkeeper has to say for today, so goodbye!

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