Saturday, July 2, 2011


Based on a true story.

Yes, Bookkeeper did some painting this week. Do you remember the 100 themes challenge Bookkeeper said she was trying? She went through her list of 100 themes after drawing this to see if, by chance, anything matched. No luck.

Maybe next week she'll have done another of the themes done.

Or maybe you'll just get to see more stuff like this:

*eyetwitch* Let's play a game: Creativity or Proof of Instanity?

Or maybe even: Cause of Insanity

Whatever the random rainbow steampunk boxes are, the bookkeeper thinks they'd look nice on a bookmark.

Well, have a good week and for the Americans out there, the bookkeeper wants to wish you a happy Independence Day!

*smiles sheepishly and returns to reading*

Edit: Why can't Bookkeeper put normal-sized spaces between her paragraphs, dagnabbit?! She can't figure out how to get rid of those huge empty spaces...

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  1. I want one of the bright colored steampunk bookmarks!