Saturday, August 13, 2011


Guess what? The bookkeeper's blog now has three (count 'em, three) watchers!

Which has absolutely nothing to do with the picture above. So. Bookkeeper did some sketches during her vacation including the unique candle holder you just saw.

In an attempt to broaden her art skills, Bookkeeper spend about a week trying to copy Dr. Suess's art style. She's not putting those pictures up on her blog though, because she practiced by drawing pictures of her friends and doesn't want to put those pictures up. (In an effort to be vague, the bookkeeper refers to just about all of her random acquaintances as as "friends" on this blog. If you want to be Bookkeeper's friend, just hang around long enough to get mentioned.)

Anywho, you can see some Suess influence has seeped into Bookkeeper's style, and it's obvious in the candle holder picture. Just look at those sleep-deprived eyes and the carefree shading. *emotional sniffle* It's lovely.

Not everything the bookkeeper draws is lovely, though. Just sayin'.

Oh, how cool! A superhero! This girl is based on a character belonging Bookkeeper's friend and cousin, who also happens to be an artist.

Bookkeeper loves her artist friends. Artists all seem to have the same problems, it's weird...

And that's it for the vacation drawings. But we're not done yet! Bookkeeper's been drawing this week, too.

Way back in May the bookkeeper mentioned that she was trying to write a graphic novel. Bet you thought she'd given up, hm?

Well, she's still working on it. In case you were dying of curiosity, it's a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin (rewriting the Brothers Grimm = unoriginal originality). She even got a book of all Grimm's fairy tales from the library for inspiration. Wow.

If you ever get the chance to read all of Grimm's fairy tales, don't. Er. Like the one with the roasted chicken that turns into a giant face-eating toad. Without using a pun on "Grimm", the bookkeeper can definitely say that a lot of the stories had bits that were

(adj.) Bleak, forbidding, morbid (antonym: pleasant)

This week the bookkeeper realized she's still not very good at drawing scenery with perspective. Quick, someone give this girl a pencil, she's got a graphic novel to draw!

Thank you.

Bookkeeper is going to focus quite a bit on trying to draw some pictures with scenery in the background. Starting with a picture of a mill, but you already saw that. Bookkeeper's brother says the miller looks like Caesar. There goes that character...

Here's another picture with some scenery, though it's a work-in-progress:

This is being drawn special for Bookkeeper's brother. The boy with the sword is supposed to be Bookkeeper's brother, and no, Bookkeeper is not going to be a stereotyped older sister and say her brother acts more like a minotaur.

Instead she's going to take this time to say that her lil' brother is a cool kid who knows a thing or two about fantasy monsters and how to deal with them, and what's more, he's just generally fun to hang out with. (He's a friend now too, for being mentioned in the blog.) Are you jealous of Bookkeeper yet? If not, we can move on to describing how incredibly awesome the other members of her family are...

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