Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Pink Princesses

Hallo everyone! Everyone who reads this blog, anyways. Those who don't read The Blog aren't worth mentioning.

See the little "Blog Archive" gadget to your right? You should look at May 2011 sometime. Then come back and compare the princess pictures.

The bookkeeper really can draw younger characters, despite what she thought in May. Supposedly this is the same character. Besides growing four years younger in the last three months, the biggest change for princess Gabrielle has been an encounter with brown hair dye.

Judging by her cheesy grin, she's just fine. The pretty dress Gabrielle's wearing looks nothing like the one she wore in the last picture Bookkeeper drew - it really bugged Bookkeeper that her main character had a dress that didn't even look medieval!

This week Bookkeeper also drew some disembodied heads.

*creepy voice* WOooooOOOOooOOooOOooo...

You should recognize the boy as the other character Bookkeeper drew from her story. Bookkeeper decided that his first look was too supernatural for a character she meant to look boyish.

New topic! Today (not just a vague "this week") the bookkeeper bought some cool stuff to help with her disorganization:

Oh no. Whenever Bookkeeper sees other people gushing about the cool stuff they just got (complete with a picture of the stuff fanned out) she always thinks "No...not another one..."

So why did she put this picture up? Because she just loves to torture you.

WARNING: This picture is meant to fool you. The bookkeeper bought this stuff today, but for the sake of making it look interesting, she put a picture that she drew Wednesday on the clipboard.

Spiffy. Just when you thought Bookkeeper had left the subject of her graphic novel. In the paragraph above, the bookkeeper misspelled clipboard as "blipboard" and caught it just before publishing her post. Just thought you'd like to know.

Well, Summer is pretty much over and the grim truth remains that it's time for school to start. This is not helped by the advertisement on TV where talking breakfast cereal bedecked in party hats exclaims "Happy School Year!"

The last thing Bookkeeper needs to hear is that the school year is going to be one big holiday, ten months long. Remind her never to trust the opinions of breakfast cereal.

Now, the bookkeeper thinks school is pretty good as long as she doesn't have illusions that it's gonna be a big party. This school year Bookkeeper is focusing on art and guess what her big project is? The now infamous graphic novel.

Now, Bookkeeper isn't very experienced in writing fantasy and the draft of her story isn't very good, but she's still convinced there's a great idea in there somewhere.

In order to turn it into a real story (a real fantasy, hah) the bookkeeper is now developing it with her One Year Adventure Novel "Other Worlds" workbook this year. Since you might not have clicked on the linked words for more information, the bookkeeper will tell you that OYAN Other Worlds is a curriculum about writing fantasy and science fiction. Forget about the "how to write" books at your library - this is the real thing and you have the bookkeeper's word on it.

Since her ultimate goal is writing not just a novel but a graphic novel, Bookkeeper will be adding drawing, storyboarding, and thumbnailing to the workbook exercises so hopefully she'll get the hang of it.

Maybe you're all wondering what happened to that picture the bookkeeper was working on for her brother. Well... since she's completely put off finishing it, let's just forget you brought up the topic, okay?

See y'all later!

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