Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Bookkeeper Wears a Hat

Last Tuesday the bookkeeper bonked her head on a low doorway and her brains leaked out of her ears. You can tell because she then drew this:

She's not quite sure what it is, but she drew it.

She also drew these:

It's a subconscious reaction to the throbbing pain: by drawing 15 heads, she hopes to lessen the pain by 15%.

It must have worked because she's feeling a lot better now. And don't worry, her brains didn't really leak out. That's why she wears a hat.

If you didn't catch the hint in the bookkeeper's last post, she's acting in a theatre production. This week she got to mumble and jiggle sing and dance. She's trying her best, she promises!

Bookkeeper can't help feeling out-of-place as she works on being an actress. Having always been a stage crew girl, she started to panic when she didn't see any ropes, buttons, or gaff tape. She wandered around in a daze when she learned she'd be wearing a costume instead of cool, stealthy black. It was in this wandering around that she walked into a doorway, which brings us back to the beginning.

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