Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Autumn!

Guess what? The bookkeeper finally updated her blog! She's sure you all were waiting tensely on the edge of your seat.

Having missed updating her blog last week, Bookkeeper has a lot of art to post today. In order to make it all more interesting, she's turned this post into:

A Week in the Life of Bookkeeper (illustrated version)

Watch as Bookkeeper uses random pictures to illustrate her story!

Monday - The bookkeeper stayed in bed until noon, then burned off energy by annoying people.

That evening she made french fries for supper. She was helped by this lil' guy:

His name is Joel, by the way. He wasn't much of a help, though. He kept fetching the wrong ingredients:

(I asked for olive oil, not magical bluish vapor!)

Also, he isn't real.

Tuesday - After sleeping in late, Bookkeeper had some school work to catch up on. She swears she finished all her math pages...

(Picture for the bookkeeper's brother = finished!)

...but a minotaur ate them before she could hand them in.

That evening Bookkeeper went to theatre and attempted to converse with her fellow humans, much to their confusion.

(These are characters from my novel. A sidhe is a Celtic fae. Sidhe is pronounced "she.")

Wednesday - At theatre, the bookkeeper drew yet more things in her script.

Her art was so awesome it drove people to their knees!

Well, actually it didn't. So she drew pictures and pretended it did.

Thursday - Bookkeeper went to the library and found cool stuff.

(By "cool stuff" she means "books." Probably.)

One thing the bookkeeper did not do was go fishing. But she drew this anyway:

If you went fishing on Thursday, please don't tell the bookkeeper.

Friday - The first day of autumn! Autumn is Bookkeeper's favorite season. To celebrate, Bookkeeper cut hundreds of leaf shapes out of red and orange paper and scattered them around the house.

(You can get the same effect by leaving the doors open on a windy day.)

After staring at them for a while, the bookkeeper realized that some of the leaves looked like feathers. Thus the autumn phoenix was drawn (the picture at the top of this post), the best work of art she's ever drawn on a whim.
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