Saturday, December 17, 2011

"I know something you don't know..."

Bookkeeper is not left handed:

Here's a way to amuse yourself for two minutes: try to draw a straight line with your off-hand. Any longer than two minutes and you'll get bored.

This week, after trying (and failing) repeatedly to draw a wattle and daub house, Bookkeeper decided she might try drawing with her left hand. It's not like the quality could get any worse.

She was right, in a way. The art quality didn't get worse.

It got better.

No really, Bookkeeper drew that with her off-hand. Admittedly, it took THE ENTIRE DAY and she had to erase and redraw each of the lines fifteen times until they looked right, but she's still amazed it turned out looking good!

Well, not exactly "good." There's a reason she's not going to upload a full size version of her picture: a lot of the lines look really squiggly close up.

Tune in next week to see Bookkeeper draw automobiles with her feet!

If you recall last Saturday's post, the bookkeeper mentioned Kobolde. But what exactly IS a Kobold?

("Kobolds are reptile people from D&D!" is the wrong answer here.)

Kobolde are a kind of German fairy. Thy're mischievous creatures who live in people's houses. If they like their host families, they'll bring good luck as well as do chores, and play some tricks. If they don't like their host families, they'll play worse tricks, run away, or even murder their hosts horribly.

How charming.

"Why yes, I AM charming!"

As for appearance, Kobolde look a lot like regular humans, but they're the size of children. Either that or they're invisible all the time, but Bookkeeper found that kind of Kobold gets boring to draw after a while.

These are the fairy creatures who populate the bookkeeper's fantasy land. They do not have wings. They are not pretty.

They do not sparkle. In fact, none of the fairies Bookkeeper has come across in actual mythology sparkle.

Think about that the next time you see another witty online poster who says that sparkle-in-the-sunlight vampires are really fairies. (If you haven't seen one of these messages yet, you must not get online much.)

REAL FAIRIES DON'T SPARKLE! (And even if they do, they probably still don't wanna be compared to vampires.)

Good night.

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