Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's not NaNoWriMo Anymore!

With NaNoWriMo over, the bookkeeper is finally going back to her scrape-everything-together-and-post-it-on-Saturday blog schedule. Since her last post was on Wednesday, there isn't much.

Before there is any confusion from the non-NaNo readers, winning NaNoWriMo just means the bookkeeper wrote 50,000 words or more. Everyone who did that gets the label "winner."

If you were curious about why the bookkeeper ended writing at a strange number like 50,009, it's because she'd PLANNED for it to end exactly on the 50,000 mark with the words "The end."

The villain and the monster are defeated, and the town is saved. The end. Then Bookkeeper realized she'd forgotten someone. Again.

The last nine words of the story are:

P. S. We let Fred out of the closet.


And here's something entirely different that doesn't have anything to do with NaNoWriMo:

Basically, the bookkeeper had some free time to draw but was uninspired. Her mom told her to draw a mouse, and this is the result.

Until next week, 'bye!


  1. I celebrated with cake. My mom makes good cake. I like that mouse :)

  2. Awesome way to end the book.
    I celebrated with a restaurant dinner and French pastry with coffee. Yeah, I spend it all on cafes and restaurants.

  3. You're all making me hungry! I didn't get any cake... or French pastries, for that matter.

    I did have ice cream, though. :D