Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Computer and I: A Parasitic Relationship

Bookkeeper does not like computers. Sure, they may play games, run Photoshop, and connect to the internet, but mostly they just drain her life and sanity.

For example:

  • Thursday the bookkeeper's computer froze up, turning a picture she'd worked on for hours into an empty, corrupted Photoshop file. (She can post a picture of her error message for you to admire, if you want)
  • Friday the same computer suddenly decided it would no longer connect to the internet.

Pretty cheeky for machine that can't run or even turn on without a human's help.

Stick with the agreement okay? You work and Bookkeeper lets you use electricity. Neither of your has to like the other.

Basically, the bookkeeper is just re-wording what she said in this post: click here

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