Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rumpelstilzchen part 1

Bookkeeper was busy this week, and she drew three illustrations for the story "Rumpelstilzchen" for you to see. She intends to draw more next week, and if she's lazy or forgets, feel free to throw rotten vegetables at her.

So! Here is part one:

One day, a poor miller had a chance to speak to the king, so he said to the king: "I have a lovely daughter who can spin straw into GOLD!"
"I can do WHAT now?"

The king loved gold, so he ordered his servants to fill a room with straw and put a spinning wheel in it. He then had the miller's daughter brought to the room and he told her, "If you have not spun all this straw into gold by early tomorrow morning, you will die."

Because everyone works harder
when they're tense and sleep deprived.

Then the king closed the door and the poor miller's daughter was left alone to ponder her hopelessness, because she (obviously) did not know how to spin straw into gold.

When the door opened again a short time later, a very small man stepped into the room. "Good evening, Mistress Miller! Why are you crying?" He asked.

How did he get past the guard, anyway?

"Ach" she said, "it's because I don't know how to spin straw into gold."

THE END (of part one)

As any good long-time readers of this blog should know, the bookkeeper is working on writing her own story. It takes place after the "Rumpelstilzchen" story and the main character is the king and queen's young daughter.

Flee in terror as she wields her magnificent sword!

Here four more characters from the story. Most of them don't have names yet:
"I'll name all of them FRED!"
The king, queen, and miller all have multiple pictures because Bookkeeper needed to design a version for her story, and a younger version for the original Rumpelstilzchen story. 

Yes. The miller has three pictures. You're very observant, and you should be proud.

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