Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bookkeeper vs. the E-Reader

One of the bookkeeper's friends recently bought an e-reader and let Bookkeeper look at it. Despite Bookkeeper's Luddite leanings (kids these days...), she was intrigued.

So here is a non-expert description of her experience: It was like reading a book in a science-fiction future. A shiny, metal, digital future.

For some reason, Bookkeeper couldn't get make the bookmark feature work. At least with paper-and-ink books you don't need a guide to figure out how to put a paper between the pages.

The bookkeeper also found out that she could play solitaire on the e-reader. After that, she decided she wouldn't be surprised to find a feature that twiddles her thumbs for her.

But anyways... the bookkeeper can now cross off "Find out if she likes e-readers" from her list of things to do this year. The answer is: She likes e-readers just fine, but she's not going to run out and buy one so long as she can borrow her friend's e-reader.

In other news, Bookkeeper is going to start writing her Rumpelstilzchen retelling on Monday. Again. She wrote it once already, but after using the idea as her OYAN Other World's project she's come up with a different take on the story.

And here's Liese. She's in Bookkeeper's story, which is her excuse for posting her picture here.

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