Monday, March 5, 2012

Writing Chapter 1.1

Writing a story in March is kind of like doing NaNoWriMo in November but without the constant encouragement from fellow writers. 

Writing in March gets you encouragement from your family and some people who work at the library. 

So now, just because the bookkeeper feels like posting them here, all of you blog followers will now get to see whatever random things Bookkeeper draws while bored of writing.

Today we have Liese and Gabriele:

Liese looks like she's about to sneeze 

...which is not a misspelling. You probably noticed that in earlier posts the bookkeeper called the princess "Gabrielle" with two ells instead of one. You're so smart, watchers. Bookkeeper is proud of y'all.

Bookkeeper just decided the name "Gabriele" fit better.

Here's the rest of what the bookkeeper drew today:

It's a random guy and an egg balanced on a cape!

The random guy isn't even in the story, Bookkeeper was just trying to figure how to draw an outfit and needed someone to wear it. The egg in the left-hand corner isn't in the story either, but the cape might be!

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