Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Artist's Early Years

Bookkeeper was not always good at art. A lot of people seem to think she was born with the ability to draw, but sadly, she was not. 

Bookkeeper tries to blot out the memories of past artworks, but as she packed up things from her room this week, she turned up some old sketchbooks.

Here's a character she drew at around age 12:

Back then, she drew almost everyone standing stiffly with arms to the sides. Here's a rare action pose:

Note that the boy is trailing glitter is to indicate movement. It's a very advanced art technique.

After looking at these drawings for a while, Bookkeeper figured she could draw better than that, so she redrew Starch Boy just now, while waiting to log on to the computer:


Here's some more over-starched people, as well as a glimpse into the deranged mind of a young artist:

And now, for a glimpse into the mind of an even younger artist. These masterpieces are from circa 6-years-old.

A tranosurus,

A Diplotokus,

And a Perusrflafus. Don't bother saying it five times fast -
saying it once is hard enough.

If you hadn't noticed, the 6-year-old Bookkeeper had a thing about dinosaurs.

Back when Bookkeeper drew beret-shaped hair.

The love of dinosaurs still hasn't quite gone away, but fortunately most of the bad spelling has.

If you were wondering what Bookkeeper's been drawing more recently, it's more along the lines of this:

Things like chopping the top of a guy's hand off
because it won't fit on the paper.

...And copying skulls from an anatomy book
just because it makes her look impressive.

None of this is as automatically cute as Bookkeeper's older art. Maybe she should go back to the dinosaurs and atrocious spelling.

So! Have a good week, and may you never be thrown off a cliff by a tranosurus.

Note: As mentioned earlier, the bookkeeper is packing because she's moving to a new house soon, so doesn't have as much time for drawing whatever she wants. 

She does however have time to work on writing her novel, but has been a slacker and hasn't written enough to brag about this week. Just so you know.