Saturday, April 14, 2012

Nice to see you again, Internet!

In her last post, Bookkeeper told you all to think of the most amazing piece of art you could and imagine it was on the blog.

Well, you don't have to imagine any more...

The most amazing piece of art is here:

"It's here, all right. Now how do I make it leave?"

This art was drawn by the bookkeeper with the help of her brother. It features a flaming dirigible, a flaming hang glider, and a flaming pile of rubble.

Bookkeeper will never draw anything of this quality again. *sniff*

Over the last week, the bookkeeper bought a new one of those pose-able mannequin things to go with her older, smaller one.

They get along great now, here's a photo of the mannequins:

And, because Bookkeeper set them on a bookshelf
to take the picture, there's the corner of a book, too.

Mannequins are great when you want to draw a specific pose but all your friends are hiding and you feel like an idiot trying to pose in the mirror and draw at the same time. 

The one last picture before Bookkeeper ends this post is her yearly re-drawing of the infamous Waterfalls Picture (previous versions here):

Maybe she'll color it later, maybe she won't. Or maybe she did color it and you're all completely color blind.


  1. Do I spy _Fableweaver_?

    New version of the waterfall scene is pretty cool, by the way.

    1. Good eye! Yes, I'm rereading Fableweaver so it's the first on my shelf. :)