Friday, November 2, 2012

Handwriting a NaNoWriMo Novel

Word count: 3,445

This is the third NaNo novel the bookkeeper has written by hand, and by now she's started to see a pattern in what people think of handwriters.

Bookkeeper: I'm going to write a fifty-thousand word novel in one month...

Friend: Wow, that's a great goal.

Bookkeeper: hand.

Friend: By HAND? Are you crazy?

The consensus seems to be that people handwrite because they are old-fashioned, determined, and/or a bit pretentious. But is this true?

Not exactly. At least in Bookkeeper's case, it's more like this:

Now, the bookeeper knows that most (if not all) of the people reading this blog write on the computer, so now, just so you can appreciate the land of lead and eraser crumbs, here is a short summary of how Bookkeeper hand writes.

Because habitually draws on everything, she's designed her own NaNoWriMo paper with a space for the word count and extra-wide margins to doodle in.

Please, feel free to print these out and use them. Or not, but they're harder to draw on that way.

After they're printed out, the bookkeeper punches holes in the papers and puts 'em in a three ring binder. She doesn't actually write in the binder, the binder is just there to keep the pages together when she's not writing.

The binder usually sits next to Bookkeeper's drawing/writing desk, or on the floor.

Why the bookkeeper mostly updates with drawings - the photos are all grainy and blurry.

The actual writing is done on the writing desk with Bookkeeper's trusty favorite pencil.

Which needs it's own picture for some reason

Well, that's all for today, enjoy this picture of Sarah while the bookkeeper scans her writing for some NaNoisms to put in her next post.


  1. maybe you are just a Luddite born in the wrong century

  2. Your paper is really neat. O.O *saves pictures to desktop for future use*