Monday, November 5, 2012


Word count: 6,221

Yes, that really is how the bookkeeper started her novel. Really hooks the reader, eh?

Anyway, here are the nanoisms Bookkeeper promised in her last post:

All I was able to do was think back to the excitement that had gone on Yerterday.

Bookkeeper may have just invented a new holiday.

...If indeed she had really set up camp for herself here in these dark and tree filled woods.

Let's hope woods are filled with trees! (Or trees are filled with wood, or whatever)

The bookkeeper's subconscious is trying to tell her to read more great literature.

And unfortunately, that's all the nanoisms Bookkeeper has for today. So farewell, and if you're also writing a novel this month, good luck with your word-counts!

Especially if you're hand writing, and half of your writing time is spent counting.

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