Monday, October 3, 2011


Behold: the fabled Monday update. This is because Bookkeeper missed her Saturday update again.

Hopefully this doesn't become a habit.

Anywho, the bookkeeper has had an interesting week. For example she's learned that human beings have a hive mind:

Day 1:

Person: How old are you?
Bookkeeper: Eighteen.
Person: Oh! have you thought about going to college?

Day 2:

Person 2: What grade are you in?
Bookkeeper: I dunno, I've never bothered to keep track 'cause I'm homeschooled.
Person 2: Well, how old are you, then?
Bookkeeper: I'm eighteen.
Person 2: Wow, you don't look eighteen! Are you going to college?

Later that day:

Person 2 (to her friend): This is my friend Bookkeeper! Can you believe she's eighteen?
Friend: Wow, is she going to go to college?

This reminds the bookkeeper of when she was sixteen and all conversations started with:

Person: How old are you?
Bookkeeper: Sixteen.
Person: Cool, can you drive?

Bookkeeper is sure there are manymanymany conversation starters out there that aren't related to your age.

For example-

"I love your hat!" Bookkeeper is particularly fond of this one.

Bookkeeper isn't obsessed with hats, she just thinks they're a nice accessory that can go with any and every outfit. Some people wear earrings all the time. Bookkeeper wears hats.

She also draws hats, like this one:

She really wanted to draw that hat, and she decided the might as well add a random kobold to wear it.

Here's another conversation starter-

"Get your feet off the table!"

Which leads to deeper discussions like "Stop tilting your chair up! If you want to be on two legs, we'll take the chair!"


And... that's all the bookkeeper has for today! Bookkeeper promises she'll update again on Saturday if she has to walk across coals to do it.

EDIT: What happened to Bookkeeper colored letters? She swears she used color effects on some of the text in this post but the color has vanished most mysteriously!

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