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Past years of NaNoWriMo

And now for a post that has nothing to do with the picture above:

Maybe you're curious about what the bookkeeper wrote about in past years of NaNoWriMo, or maybe you're just bored are skimming blog posts for something to do.

Either way, the bookkeeper is glad you're here! Virtual candy and confetti for everyone!

The first year Bookkeeper did NaNoWriMo she dove right into writing without the slightest idea of what she was doing. The result was a story with hundreds of characters and no real plot. The first main character is a thin girl with long, jet-black hair who lives by herself in the forest. She is super strong and can run faster than an eagle can fly. She also can talk to animals using her powers of telepathy. And she never ages.

It goes downhill from there. Whenever Bookkeeper got bored of saving the world with one Mary Sue she'd invent a new one and keep going.

Here are some cringe-worthy snippets from this story:

Sylvia screamed again, but she knew that no one was listening. No one ever listened to her. But she was afraid that her life was in danger, so she screamed.

A girl with shining black hair and eyes stepped out form behind a peeling, green pine tree. Even though the way the girl walked seemed strangely serious and adult like, her face was brimming with smiles, excitement, and fun.

This one brings to mind a strange mental image:

Kyna and Quinn jumped out of the car and bounced across their new yard to the pale blue house.

Star landed and his head rung with a thought.

Of course, a lot of the story is bizarrely wordy, but that's what you get for doing NaNoWriMo.

Bookkeeper's second NaNoWriMo attempt was a story called Written and Illustrated, a title which doesn't have anything to do with the story. It was a story about a time traveler named Brisk who learns about the dangers of messing with time when she splits her consciousness and physical senses over two realities.

Brisk grabbed again and again for the scroll, but each time her hands went straight through it. Brisk began to panic. This wasn't how it was supposed to go.

The third NaNoWriMo was a collection of stories about a wolf pack. It started out all right, if cliched (in the bookkeeper's opinion) with the wolves trying to avoid being captured by hunters.

Nearer to the end of the month Bookkeeper was writing this:

Sache was going to put that idea out of his mind when several squirrels began tap dancing on his head. So with a wildlife parade following him the whole way, Sache left the forest headed for the Mountain wolf tribe.

This was written in complete earnest.

The fourth NaNoWriMo was called Working Title and was about a girl who wakes up in the middle of nowhere. Literally. She then learns that any object she describes out loud comes into existence and spends some creating ice cream and fancy castles. The trouble begins when she creates humans who start to plot her downfall.

I woke up.

My head was ringing and I could hear soft music playing. Couldn’t make out the tune.

I couldn’t see anything. It was all white around me. I felt the oddest sensation of nothingness beneath me. Like I was falling and lying still at the same time. There were no walls around me; no floor. I felt my face and to my relief found it still there.

It was then that I started to wonder just where I was.

Last year's NaNoWriMo was the least complete. The computer crashed partway through November and the file was lost. The story was about a band of misfits who took control of a space ship, and... that's about all Bookkeeper can remember.

That's all the Bookkeeper has to write about today, next post will probably have more pictures (if you read this whole post hoping for more pictures... sorry!). She has to work more on preparing for this year's NaNoWriMo novel!

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  1. Your fourth NaNo sounds really cool, actually. It's creative!