Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Post was Hijacked by Little Kids

Before explaining the bizarre title of this post, Bookkeeper would like to say hi to her FOURTH BLOG FOLLOWER!


Exciting, eh? By the way, you are awesome.

All of you are awesome.

So. This post has been hijacked by little kids. You see, the bookkeeper is quite a pushover for lil' kids, and they love it.

It started a few days ago at theatre when one girl mentioned how much she loves giraffes. So the bookkeeper doodled a giraffe wearing spectacles.

"Wow, that's really good! Can you draw an elephant? Please?"

"Draw a bow on her head!"

At this point the kiddies realized they had a captive artist. And guess what? She does tricks!

"Draw a cat!"

"I gonna draw the sun."

Yes, one of the girls drew the sun on the bookkeeper's picture.

Hmm. some reason the sunshine is what makes the drawing look really good. Really, cover the sun up with your hand... the picture looses something. (Dear little kid who's name the bookkeeper forgot: Can Bookkeeper be your apprentice?)

"Draw a tree!"

"Draw a PINK tree!"

"With a person in it!"

"Draw ME in the tree!"

"Make the leaves purple!"


Bookkeeper has been informed (by these selfsame kids) that she should be an art teacher when she "grows up." Seeing as she's technically already "grown up," Bookkeeper can only assume they mean MENTALLY grown up. They're quite perceptive, those kids.

That's the end of today's post. 'Bye!

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