Friday, March 23, 2012

"Dear Internet, I miss you."

The bookkeeper's frustration this week was (amazingly) not caused by a slow computer. Just so you know, her computer is working just fine. It's the internet that isn't working.

So how is she posting this right now?


Unfortunately, this magic doesn't allow her to post the pictures she drew this week. The bookkeeper knows you are all sad about this, so she suggests you imagine the most amazing piece of art you can and pretend the bookkeeper drew it and put it here. You're welcome.

*Also known as "The library's internet connection"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Practical, Okay?

After reading the bookkeeper's last post, her brother had this to say about wearing two Snuggies at the same time:

I do not think that means what you think it means.


And on the writing front, the bookkeeper is considering telling everyone she knows "I'm writing a book!" so that they ask about it every time they see her. This should have one of two effects:

  1. Encouraging Bookkeeper to write more so she doesn't let them down or...
  2. Encouraging Bookkeeper to hide in her room with the curtains drawn so no one asks her how her story's coming
Because as long as she's hiding in her room, she might as well work on her book, so either way is fine.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing Chapter 2.3

Bookkeeper has been working on her story for eight days now. In the story Gabriele and Liese have found a giant hole in the floor of the crypt and the King has received threatening messages from the lord of a nearby fiefdom. 

And so, in the margin of her page, the bookkeeper drew... Liese leaning precariously over the giant hole in the floor of the crypt.

Liese isn't exactly the brains here.

Surprisingly, she hasn't drawn much else. Maybe she's been too focused on actually writing the story, or maybe she was distracted by the bizarre sight of her brother wearing two Snuggies at the same time (one forwards, one backwards).

She still managed to draw two character headshots.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Writing Chapter 1.6

Well, Bookkeeper was planning to write two chapters of her story a week, but she's been a little too busy* for that.

Even though none of you readers have asked to hear more about this story, Bookkeeper's going to pretend you're all dying of curiosity. 

So! This story takes place several years after the "Rumpelstiltskin" story you've probably already read. It turns out that Rumpelstilzchen isn't dead**, and he is found when the princess Gabriele stumbles across his house in the woods. Completely unaware of the danger, the princess thinks he is just a strange little boy and tries to befriend him. 

Liese is in this story too.

And that's all the time Bookkeeper has to write today. She needs her sleep as tomorrow she has to set her clock ahead one hour for no good reason.

*reading new books

**Some versions of the story end with Rumpelstilzchen running away in a huff, never to be seen again - which, admittedly, isn't as interesting as him tearing himself in two.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Writing Chapter 1.1

Writing a story in March is kind of like doing NaNoWriMo in November but without the constant encouragement from fellow writers. 

Writing in March gets you encouragement from your family and some people who work at the library. 

So now, just because the bookkeeper feels like posting them here, all of you blog followers will now get to see whatever random things Bookkeeper draws while bored of writing.

Today we have Liese and Gabriele:

Liese looks like she's about to sneeze 

...which is not a misspelling. You probably noticed that in earlier posts the bookkeeper called the princess "Gabrielle" with two ells instead of one. You're so smart, watchers. Bookkeeper is proud of y'all.

Bookkeeper just decided the name "Gabriele" fit better.

Here's the rest of what the bookkeeper drew today:

It's a random guy and an egg balanced on a cape!

The random guy isn't even in the story, Bookkeeper was just trying to figure how to draw an outfit and needed someone to wear it. The egg in the left-hand corner isn't in the story either, but the cape might be!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bookkeeper vs. the E-Reader

One of the bookkeeper's friends recently bought an e-reader and let Bookkeeper look at it. Despite Bookkeeper's Luddite leanings (kids these days...), she was intrigued.

So here is a non-expert description of her experience: It was like reading a book in a science-fiction future. A shiny, metal, digital future.

For some reason, Bookkeeper couldn't get make the bookmark feature work. At least with paper-and-ink books you don't need a guide to figure out how to put a paper between the pages.

The bookkeeper also found out that she could play solitaire on the e-reader. After that, she decided she wouldn't be surprised to find a feature that twiddles her thumbs for her.

But anyways... the bookkeeper can now cross off "Find out if she likes e-readers" from her list of things to do this year. The answer is: She likes e-readers just fine, but she's not going to run out and buy one so long as she can borrow her friend's e-reader.

In other news, Bookkeeper is going to start writing her Rumpelstilzchen retelling on Monday. Again. She wrote it once already, but after using the idea as her OYAN Other World's project she's come up with a different take on the story.

And here's Liese. She's in Bookkeeper's story, which is her excuse for posting her picture here.