Monday, August 13, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo day 13

Today's Word Count: 17,412

Do you realize that the bookkeeper is still behind on her word count? It's day 13 and still she's never caught up to where she's supposed to be?!

And that she still isn't stressed out?!??!?!


That's right. This lack of stress seems a little abnormal for a typical NaNo author who's behind on her word count. Is this healthy?

You might want to stand back from your computer screen in case it's contagious.

Anyway, since Bookkeeper needs to catch up pretty quickly, she's setting a goal for herself. If she can catch up to her word count by Wednesday, she'll treat herself to some peanut butter candies.

(If she doesn't she'll have to write an entire post about how amazing her brother is and how he should be supreme dictator of the planet. That should be enough motivation.)

Today Bookkeeper realized why Gabriele is such a flat character. It's because Gabriele's friend Liese is so easy to write! She ends up taking control of every plot event.

Liese is like a character development vampire.

The only way to fix this? Get rid of Liese of course!

Really. In the story she just vanishes mysteriously and the bookkeeper will invent a reason later.

Basically, Gabriele needs a chance to stand on her own. If her character doesn't shine through now, the story might end up being about Liese.

Which might not be a bad idea.

That's all for today, except for this parting NaNoism:

If you couldn't guess, the blanket was green.

Good night.

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  1. I bet your brother is hoping you don't make word count...