Monday, August 6, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo day 6

*Help! I seem to have lost my voice.* 

Today's Word Count: 7,818

Bookkeeper is still trying to catch up on her word count. This time her excuse is that relatives are visiting this week.

Not that these relatives are keeping her from writing, the bookkeeper just thinks she needs an excuse.

Today, just for you, the bookkeeper drew a picture of her boot.

It has nothing to do with her story, but she kept tripping on it and rather than put it away in her closet, she decided to draw it.

One trouble with handwriting a novel is that if you aren't careful, you can end up with odd spelling mistakes.

These are a bit different from the problems she has while typing. Namely Fingers-On-The-Wrong-Row and Hitting-Caps-Lock-Instead-Of-"A"

One mistake is the capital "G" that looks like the number six.

6riele told him that she was the king's daughter.

Also there's words that are written too closely together (and sometimes misspelled, too) that end up forming new words.

The man walked out with his headlowered.

Gabriele did not a thing but worry for the woletime.

But the bookkeeper's most persistant problem seems to be closing the top of the "u" so it looks like an "o".

"Yoo are not strong enoogh by yoorself."

Alas. The perils of hand writing are terrible. Another thing you typists out there are missing out on is how pencil lead constantly rubs off on your fingers and turns them silver.

It's true. In fact, to end this post, here's a smiley face Bookkeeper drew using this method.


  1. your mom would tell you that it would have taken less time to put the boot away than to draw it...

  2. @shout4joy - Ah, but I need to practice drawing shoes anyway.