Friday, August 31, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo day 31

Today's Word Count: 50,108

It's the final day of writing and Bookkeeper is SO done.

Admittedly, last page of writing got pretty bizarre as she tried to stretch things out and wrap them up at the same time.

But it's finally over, and the bookkeeper can try interacting with her fellow humans again.

Over the last two or three days, the bookkeeper has been reading up on a mysterious thing called "good posture" which she'd been ignoring up 'till now.

It's so great to learn about all the wonderful back problems you can get from slouching.

Another thing that's been bugging Bookkeeper is just how hard it is to avoid cliches in her story.

The trouble with writing a fairy tale is that fairy tales INVENTED a lot of cliches.

Near the end, as she started to run out of inspiration, the Bookkeeper gave in to the cliches and decided that she could always edit 'em out later.

Well, that's it!

Here's the bookkeeper's final Nanoism for the month:

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