Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo day 29: Character Names

Word count: 46,427

Today Blogger isn't being very friendly and won't let her upload pictures for some reason. So you get to "enjoy" this post in 100% text.

Well, recently the Bookkeeper has gotten tired of writing - not that she's giving up, of course. But she decided that  her character's names were too long and has started calling them by nicknames such as:

Gabriele = Gab
Rumpelstilzchen = Rumpel
Lord Sigifrith = Lrd Sig
Liese = Still Liese, 'cause it's not a long name

Probably she'll be calling them G, R, L S, and L by Friday.

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  1. That could be a problem, considering there are two L's . . . good luck!