Thursday, November 10, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 10: Spiffy Word Count Thingy

With 17,019 words, the bookkeeper has finally caught up with her word count! Huzzah!

Look what Bookkeeper found! A spiffy little word counting thingy!

Today Bookkeeper found that if you look, you can find distractions anywhere. Even if you're sitting at your desk with your unfinished novel sitting there in front of you, you can always just pick at your fingernails instead of writing.

But somehow she found the energy to meet today's word goal. You should congratulate her! Since the bookkeeper writes her posts in third person, that last sentence didn't sound nearly as self-centered as she thought it would.

Here's a picture of Bookkeeper's character Vanessa getting caught in a thunderstorm.

Yep, that just brightens your day, doesn't it?

That's all the NaNo news Bookkeeper has for you today, but before you go, she did promise to upload a picture of the steampunk story starter cubes when they were finished:

These will be sold at a craft show this month (or at least, Bookkeeper hopes they'll be sold). Bookkeeper is pretty proud of the story cubes, and also of the fabric used to make the bag. You might recognize the graphics from the current background and header of her blog:

Relax, Bookkeeper did not steal the pictures. She drew them. They come from this fabric that the bookkeeper designed (and it's hosted on her mom's Spoonflower account).

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