Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 11: Characters with Personality!

Hello there, today's date is 11/11/11, but you probably already knew that. Bookkeeper has written 18,842 words in her novel so far.

Today the bookkeeper invented some new spellings of the word "scarf."

"My pencil must be defective."

Because she can't seem to spell correctly, she's considering taking the scarf away and just letting her poor character freeze.

Speaking of characters, Bookkeeper keeps hearing other nano-ers say that their characters have personalities of their own. *eyetwitch* It just sounds so... creepy.

So far in her novel, the bookkeeper hasn't had too much trouble with characters holding her plot for ransom. That is, until Jerome. Invented to be the cranky father of the main character Hildegard, the bookkeeper's sole plan was for him to run around shouting for a chapter or two, then meet a sad, yet comical, fate.

His personality was really fun to write and he ended up being one of Bookkeeper's favorites. He still died, though. Now rest of her characters refuse to be rounded characters until she promises Jerome an important part in the back story as it unfolds throughout the novel.

Her characters refuse...? This is quite disturbing.

Stay tuned to see Bookkeeper have an argument with her notebook!

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