Saturday, November 26, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 26: Last-Minute Panic

It's day 26 of NaNoWriMo and the bookkeeper has written 38,173 words. Yes, that means that she's three days behind.

So, a big HI to everyone else who's rushing to finish their novels in these last four days! Bookkeeper knows you're out there because some of you read this blog, and one of you is the bookkeeper's own sister. *waves*

Bookkeeper had an interesting time trying to write today. At this point in the story Hildegard and Fred are supposed to find the villain's house by following the address on a driver's licence they found. Then Bookkeeper realized that neither of these characters can read and don't even know the address of their own home.

If you want to know where Bookkeeper's novel outline is, it's hiding out of embarrassment. The bookkeeper will just have to wing it from now on!

Here's your misspelling for the day:

It felt something like a little - no, like a medium Sid shock of electricity

There is no one named Sid in Bookkeeper's novel and if there was, he probably wouldn't be a medium.

In non-NaNo news, the bookkeeper went to a craft show today to help at her mom's booth. During the lulls she worked on this sketch:

Mom! Mom! Mom! Come here! Look at me!

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