Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 15: Meet the Characters

It's day fifteen of NaNoWriMo and first things first... Bookkeeper did not update yesterday. The update she had planned was so amazing that it summoned a thunderstorm and she couldn't turn on the computer to post it.

At times like this the bookkeeper realizes just how nice it is to hand write her novel. She has written 25,194 words by the way.

Before she gets on with her post, Bookkeeper just noticed that she now has nine watchers on this blog. NINE, do you hear me, NINE WATCHERS.

You are all awesome people and you deserve cake.

Anywho... here's a picture of all the reoccurring characters in Bookkeeper's NaNo this year:

From left to right they are:

Mysterious-Person-Who-Does-Not-Have-A-Name-Yet, who has only appeared once so far. After stealing Vanessa's notebook, this mysterious person shouted "Thank you!" and ran away.

Mysterious-Etc. remains unnamed simply because the bookkeeper doesn't feel like coming up with a name right now. Technically the mysterious person isn't reoccurring yet, but will be eventually.

Hildegard who likes to call herself "Fern" and also likes to avoid dark forests and creepy shadows. She met a monster on her way to the grocery store once and has been paranoid ever since (for good reason).

Fred, who Bookkeeper finally came up with a name for. He is Hildegard's younger brother and he has no personality, but that's okay. We'll edit one in later.

Vanessa, an overconfident girl who fancies herself the leader of the group because she's the oldest. Her idea of hunting monsters is standing outside in the woods and calling for them.

Thingy that carries an umbrella. Not quite sure what it is, but it can change it's appearance to look like just about anyone. It usually disguises itself to look like a man with mustache who carries an umbrella, but the bookkeeper can't seem to draw mustaches today, so she drew its default face. Even though it often carries an umbrella, it doesn't really understand it's function and will hold an open umbrella over it's head on warm sunny days. It also kills people, possibly on accident.

And there you have it! Bookkeeper is mildly amused at how the question marks over the Mysterious Person and the Thingy's heads make them look confused.

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