Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 29: One More Day! With NaNoisms!!

Hello! It's day 29 of NaNoWriMo and the bookkeeper has written 44,140 words. There is only one day left of NaNo so...

Forget watching TV, you can watch TV in December.
Forget working, you can work in December.
Forget shopping, you can go shopping in December.
Forget meals, you can eat in December.

All right then! Spending most of her writing time doing actual writing, the bookkeeper hasn't come up with any witty cartoons today. What she has done in drawn two of her characters incorrectly:

Fred, looking older than he's supposed to,

And Hildegard, looking younger than she's supposed to.

In her blind rush to write a lot of words, the bookkeeper has written some more interesting quotes to share with you.

The mere sight of a mad with a huge arm bad full of hats is sure to catch the attention of many people.

A mad what? And what's an arm bad anyway?

Fred has already packed all the things that he thinks that he thinks that he will need to run away again.

Oh, the thinks you can think!

He found it exactly the way that he had lefitin.

Bookkeeper becaused again.

He then took the shovel and then he started to shovel with it.

No, really? He shoveled? With a shovel?!

"I will write about the results of my next experiments in notebook (number symbol) three."

Because "number symbol" is two words more than #.

So have a good day y'all. Tomorrow you'll get to see if Bookkeeper managed to finish her novel.

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  1. Good luck on winning NaNo!

    Also, I cannot help you on the meaning of the first one, sorry. XD