Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 22: You Deserve Cake

This works even better when you write "and" between each item instead of a comma.

Hello there, it's day twenty-two of NaNoWriMo and Bookkeeper has caught up with 33,868 words, though she did resort to some dirty tricks such as listing everything bought on a shopping trip and making "sidewalk" into two words.

You might recall that in this post she said that all of her nine watchers are awesome and deserve cake.

Since then she has gotten three more watchers on her blog, probably because they wanted cake. So here it is!

Cake for all of you! Including an extra slice for the rest of you lurkers to arm wrestle over.

Hildegard looks for clues in a notebook.

As the villains in Bookkeeper's novel become more of a threat, her characters have magically started to gain more and more personality. Fred is no longer the useless little brother who gets left out of scenes on accident because the author forgot about him. You might even call him a main character now!

It's great.

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  1. -noms cake- Thank you, Bookkeeper! Sometimes I wish I was writing modern Earth stuff so I could stick essays and shopping lists into my wordcount like other people can... But no, I had to go for high fantasy! And yes, I too am doing NaNo. I am The Quillmaster there too.