Thursday, November 3, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 3: Instant Author Just add Candy

It's day three and Bookkeeper has caught up to where she's supposed to be with 5,067 words. Candy is a great incentive. It's also a writing inspiration! After all, she wrote "I now have Jolly Ranchers" in a paragraph about stuff to pack for a monster hunt (no, it doesn't make sense in context, but it's five more words).

Since she's been writing her novel by hand, Bookkeeper has learned an important lesson:

Writing bigger does not help you reach your word count faster. It just eats up your paper.

Most of Bookkeeper's day was spent writing. When she wasn't writing, she was most likely eating or working on this:

It filled up an entire doodle margin. The characters are (from top to bottom and left to right):

1. Unnamed creature (who doesn't actually look that cool in the story)
2. Hildegard's unnamed little brother (Bookkeeper will come up with a name... someday)
3. Hildegard
4. Vanessa (who is basically Bookkeeper)

Oh, did you know that Bookkeeper invented a word today? The word is becaused. It's what happens when you write too fast and the words "because I used" turn into "becaused."

From now on, every time the bookkeeper accidentally combines words in her writing she'll say she becaused them.

Bookkeeper drew the guy with the mustache again. It's frustrating, but she just can't figure out how to draw what she's visualizing. He always looks so flat.

Before you go, Bookkeeper has one last thing to tell you:

EDIT: While re-reading, the bookkeeper realized that in one part of this post she accidentally referred to herself in first person! Oh, the horror! That shocking error has now been fixed.

If you were curious, the sentence was "I'll come up with a name... someday"

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