Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 7: A Little Tired

Greetings. Bookkeeper is still a little tired, obviously. She's currently at 9,278 words.

While writing today Bookkeeper "becaused" another new word (see this post if you missed it). This time, she combined the words "with this" into "withis" because she was writing so fast. Also, while writing today, she met her evil twin:

Well, not really. It's actually Bookkeeper's character Vanessa's twin, which is basically the same thing.

The bookkeeper is behind on her word count. She'd been putting off a project and had to spend her NaNoWriMo time to finish it. I'm sure you'd all like to see what she was working on, right? No? Well, you're going to see it anyways!

The bookkeeper's mom knows how to make some clever little toys called "story starter cubes." They're wooden blocks with pictures on each side showing people and objects and stuff like that. You roll the cubes and come up with a story including whatever random stuff you rolled.

Bookkeeper asked her mom if she could do the art for a steampunk-themed set... and after getting permission she completely forgot about finishing.

Until now!

These are for the people cube. Bookkeeper originally had a different version of the top middle character that looked like this:

Personally, she thinks this looks like a more interesting character, but the outfit is a little too busy and wouldn't look good on a story cube.

These are from the places cube.

The animals cube. Bookkeeper cannot draw snails.

The things cube.

...And the vehicles cube. Being the last set of pictures to draw, Bookkeeper got pretty sloppy at the end, especially with the bicycle.

When the cubes have been finished, the bookkeeper will upload a picture. :)

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